Vestry Question of the Month

What would I like to learn about Christianity from our new Rector?

Excerpts from vestry members’ answers:

I’d love for our spirituality here at ASEC to have more of a heart-level foundation. Although fellowship is certainly a part, socialization plays a pretty significant role here-with outreach taking a back seat. I’d like to see that reversed.
How do we reconcile differing interpretations of Christ’s teachings when it comes to societal issues? 
I’d love to learn more about how her experience as a psychologist helps her as a pastor. 
I’d like Denise to help us learn and reflect on scriptures that discuss and encourage outreach and also those which give us a better understanding of what stewardship truly is and how we can be better stewards.
I will listen carefully and hope for more insight for the ways to deepen my faith.
I look to our Rector Denise for needed guidance on how to view today's world news and events in relationship to who I am and what do I believe as it relates to Jesus' message and Christianity.   
With all the hate, dissension and unrest in the world today, it is very difficult for me to keep the second commandment [love your neighbor as you love yourself] at times.
I have no personal goals for how I might personally benefit from Denise's ministry.  I do pray that her gifts and experience are warmly appreciated here at All Saints and lead to a strong, loyal and Christian following for many years.