Vestry Question of the Month

What practices help you to turn again and again to Jesus Christ and the way of love?

Excerpts from vestry members’ answers:

I turn every week when I go to the altar to receive the Holy Eucharist where his spirit fills me.

At the start of my day, and if I run into headwinds later in the day, I pray “Walk with me, Jesus, I cannot do it alone.”  And I am aware of Christ’s presence.

Probably reassessing thoughts and actions to determine if I am following the credo of “What would Jesus do?”

I say the Lord’s Prayer at least once every day.  I try to think about each word.  Sometimes I try to put it into my own words so it isn’t just rote.

Mostly I pray that God will lead me and that I will be aware and able to follow as doors open for me.  The hard part of course, is when doors close…

First and foremost, attending and participating, on a regular basis, in the Holy Eucharist helps to keep me centered.

At this time my primary practice for turning to and hearing Jesus is through our faith community at All Saints.

TURN for me is an opportunity to re-orient myself towards God’s priorities with my thoughts and deeds.

Monday through Saturday I start the day with the prayers and readings assigned for Morning Prayer for that day.  On Sunday I participate in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

It’s easy for me to drift away from God.  So what helps is to do something, some kind or prayer, four times each day to re-focus on God, Jesus and what I’m called to do and be.