Vestry Question of the Month

How will (or do you) build into your life a committment to cross boundaries, listen carefully, and take part in healingand reconciling what is broken in this world?

Excerpts from vestry members’ answers:

This year I have focused on Bridge Builders activities led by St. Andrew-By-The-Sea UMC in conjunction with First Zion Missionary Baptist Church, participating in racially diverse community projects with a few people of color with whom I have developed personal relationships, and, most recently and joyfully, joining the Southern Deanery’s Prison Ministry.

Healing all of the broken-ness in this world is daunting.  I try to bring what I can of healing into each situation I face, but realize that, underneath it all, I am broken, too.

… my plan is to go where I can to learn more firsthand about the issues that are of most concern.  Once there I will listen to those around me and work to be part of the solution.

… crossing age and race boundaries is built into my life.  I think that what I need to do more of is imagining – imagining myself being that “other” person I’m with – the young one, the sick one, the African American one, the Hispanic one, the homeless one.

For me that means trying very hard to be non-judgmental in various circumstances and trying to remember that my perspective is not the only one.

This “screams” to me two main thoughts… Volunteerism (in community) and Outreach (in our Church)!!
As a church we need to do more outreach.  I feel we need to do more to serve our community and affect our culture.

During my career, I served as chair of two different industry advisory boards….  My job was to facilitate an orderly and respectful discussion of the issues in an attempt to “heal and reconcile” what might have been broken in our industry.

I accept the challenges of homelessness here on Hilton Head and pray that my actions make a difference for many.  Being part of my community requires me to give time, talent, and service.