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Early Christianity: The Experience of the Divine

In Early Christianity: The Experience of the Divine, Professor Luke Timothy Johnson maintains that the most familiar aspects of Christianity—its myths, institutions, ideas and morality—are only its outer "husk." In this two-part course, he takes you on a journey to find the "kernel" of Christianity's appeal: religious experience. You travel back to Christianity's origins, its first 300 years, to identify the elements that first made it appealing and which still hold the secret to its ability to attract new followers.

Professor Johnson is a former Benedictine monk and author of 20 books, including The Writings of the New Testament: An Interpretation. At Emory University, he has twice received the "On Eagle's Wings Excellence in Teaching" Award.

In his presentation, Professor Johnson employs scholarly techniques that have only recently been applied to religion. By combining such disciplines as history, the social sciences, and comparative literary analysis, you look at religious experience and behavior from a fresh perspective.


March 17 – Hellenistic Diaspora
March 24 – Jesus and the Gospels
March 31 – The Resurrection Experience
April 7 – Movement Meets World - Five Key Transitions

April 14 – No Class *Palm Sunday*
April 21 – No Class *Easter Sunday*
April 28 – Ritual Imprinting and the Politics of Perfection
May 5 – Glossolalia and the Embarrassments of Experience
May 12 – Meals are Where the Magic is
May 19 – Healing and Salvation
May 26 – Access to Power - Visions and Prayer

June 2 – The Holy Community
June 9 – The Community's Worship