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Exploring the Roots of Religion

Stonehenge. Machu Picchu. The Acropolis. The Great Pyramids at Giza. Sites such as these have captivated the world for centuries—even millennia—since their creation. They are works of great beauty whose construction required spectacular feats of engineering, involved the efforts of hundreds of thousands of individuals, and incurred a tremendous financial cost on the civilizations that created them.

Lecture Topics

May 20: Myths of Shaman

May 27: Realm of the Mother Goddess

June 3: Towers and Tombs of Sumeria

June 10: Tomb of the First Emperor of China

June 17: Feasting with Dead at Petra

June 24: Dancing with the Bulls at Knossos

July 1: Sun and Sexulaity in Early Scandinavia

July 8: Apollo Speaks at Claros

July 15: The Aten: Monotheism in Egypt

July 22: Sacred City on the Mississippi

July 29: Sun and Shadow at Machu Picchu

August 5: Celestian Gateway at Giza

August 12: Cosmic Hub at Stonehenge

August 19: Desert Lines at Nazca

August 26: Mountain of the Gods at Angkor

September 2: Tending Zoroaster's Sacred Fire in Iran

September 9: Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran

September 16: Forging Iron at Jenne-jeno on the Niger

September 23: Caarving Monasteries at Ajanta in India

September 30: Faiths Lost and Found