Sunday Adult Education

Join us every Sunday at 9am in the Library!

Beginning on April 23 we will resume our exploration of The Hebrew Scriptures - our "Old Testament". Delivered by religion scholar Craig Koester of Luther Seminary, these lectures guide us through multiple levels of possible meaning. 

April 8: No Adult Education

April 16: No Adult Education

April 23: Viloence and Kindness in the Promised Land

April 30: David and Nation Building

May 7: Solomon, a Study in Contradictions

May 14: Psalms: The Bible's Songbook

May 21: Biblical Wisdom Literature - Proverbs, Ecclediastes, Job

May 28: Justice and Love in Amos and Hosea

June 4: Jeremiah on Anguish and Compassion

June 11: Babylonian Conquest and Exile

June 18: Esther, Daniel, and Life under Empire

June 25: Resistence, Adaptation, and the Maccabees

We will meet in the Library; all are welcomed!