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Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation

Rightly recognized as one of the world’s most important spiritual texts, the Bible has shaped thousands of years of faith, art, and human history. Yet for all its importance to believers and nonbelievers alike, we rarely engage with the Bible as a collection of unique narratives that were only later united into what we now know as the Old and New Testaments. And these different texts—historical narratives, dramatic visions, poems, songs, letters—speak to a broad range of experience, from joy and wonder to tragedy and mystery.

Lecture Topics

23: Jesus as Messiah in Mark
24: Mark on the Crucifixion and Resurrection
25: The Dynamics of Forgiveness in Matthew
26: Luke on a World Upside Down
27: John on the Word Made Flesh
28: Self-Giving Love According to John
29: The Early Church in Acts
30: Paul's Calling
31:  Paul and the Roman Empire
32: Paul's Letters to a Community in Conflict
33: Freedom and the Law in Paul's Letters
34: Paul on Gender Roles and Slavery
35: Letters for Sojourners
36: Revelation's Vision of New Creation