Prayer List

For the church throughout the world and for all who minister in the name of Christ: The Episcopal Church in South Carolina: Gladstone B. “Skip” Adams III—Provisional Bishop; John, Mark, Sandy, Kerry, George, Jack, Pamela, Greg, Gordon, Woody, and Chad, our clergy; Pam Crossley—Postulant for the Diaconate; St. Alban’s, Kingstree: Peggy Jenkinson, Sr. Warden. The Episcopal Church: Michael Bruce Curry, Presiding Bishop; Moisés Quezada, Bishop of the Dominican Republic. The Anglican Communion: Justin Welby--Archbishop of Canterbury; Masindi-Kitara, Uganda: The Right Reverend George Kasangaki.

For First Responders, those who offer humanitarian aid and those who serve in the military: Hombre, Mackey, Rob, John, Thom, Bowen, Craig, Joe, Trevor, Scott, Chris, Ryan, Carl, Aaron, Chandler, Raina, the McGregor Family, Todd, Noah, Christopher, James, Cameron.

For the poor, the oppressed, all who are in need, and to those who reach out to offer assistance especially the grant recipients of this year’s upcoming Garden Tour: Antioch Education Center, BackPack Buddies of Jasper County, BackPack Buddies of Bluffton (Crossroads Community Support Services, Inc.), BackPack Buddies of Hilton Head Island (The Hunger Coalition of the Lowcountry), Hilton Head Island Safe Harbour, Inc., and St. Stephens UMC Outreach Food Bank, Jasper County.

For the sick and the suffering:
John and Pat, Dan and Betsy, Martha, John, Peg, Barry, Julie, Bobbie and his Family—Aimee, Paulette, Korbyan, Steve, Warren, George, Bette, Gary, Marie, Jennifer and her family, Ken, Hattie, Chase, Bill, Elizabeth and Fischer, Eileen, Carolyn Jane, Nancy, Betty Sue, Karen, Patty, Joseph and Kathy, Connie, Ann, Chloe, Maddie, Kathleen and Lauren, Anita and Willard, Bob, Loni, Michael, Deanna, Bill, Park, Yolanda, RosaLee, Rick, Frank, Jerry, Frederick, Ian, Carole and James, Debbie, Gary, Mary, Chris, Dorothy, Dan, Jan, Cheryl, Marilyn, Kharnesheia, Carl, Todd, Keith, Patrick, Helen, Anne, Margery, Laura, Linda, Abigail, Kay, Peter, Kathryn, Raleigh, Lauri, George, Nancy, Barry, David, Jaylen, Donna, Grant, Matthew, Richard, Ramon, Eric, Jennifer, Caroline, Tom, Norma, Mark, Rachael, Shirley, Jeanette, Ryan and his Family, Anna Gray, Gray, Elva, Martina, Sue, Sheila, Annette, Ellen, Suzanne, Jo.

For those who have died and those who mourn: the families of Bob Moore and Luther Strayer.