Prayer List

For the church throughout the world and for all who minister in the name of Christ: The Episcopal Church in South Carolina: Gladstone B. “Skip” Adams, III—Provisional Bishop;  Rick, Mark, Sandy, Kerry, George, Jack, Pamela, Greg, Gordon, Woody, and Chad, our clergy; Saint Augustine’s, Wedgefield: Mr. Julius Murray, Sr. Warden. Episcopal Church: Michael Bruce Curry, Presiding Bishop; Moisés Quezada, Bishop of The Dominican Republic. The Anglican Communion: Justin Welby--Archbishop of Canterbury; Province of The Episcopal Church of Sudan: The Most Reverend Ezekiel Kumir Kondo, Archbishop of the Province of Sudan and Bishop of Khartoum.

For First Responders, those who offer humanitarian aid and those who serve in the military: Hombre, Mackey, Rob, John, Thom, Bowen, Craig, Joe, Trevor, Scott, Chris, Ryan, Carl, Aaron, Chandler, Raina, the McGregor Family, Todd, Noah, Christopher, James, Cameron.

For the sick and the suffering:
Gary, Marie, Jennifer and her family, Ken, Hattie, Chase, Penny, Bill, Elizabeth and Fischer, Eileen, Tina, Carolyn Jane, Nancy, Betty Sue, Joye, Karen, Patty, John, Joseph and Kathy, Ed, Connie, Ann, Chloe, Maddie, Kathleen and Lauren, Anita and Willard, Bob, Loni, Michael, Deanna, Bill, Park, Yolanda, RosaLee, Rick, Frank, Jerry, Frederick, Ian, Carole and James, Debbie, Gary, Mary, Chris, Dorothy, Pat, Dan, Jan, Cheryl, Marilyn, Kharnesheia, Carl, Todd, Keith, Patrick, Helen, Anne, Margery, Laura, Linda, Abigail, Kay, Peter, Susan, Kathryn, Raleigh, Lauri, George, Nancy, Barry, David, Jaylen, Donna, Grant, Matthew, Richard, Ramon, Eric, Jennifer, Caroline, Tom, Norma, Mark, Rachael, Shirley, Jeanette, Ryan and his Family, Anna Gray, Gray, Elva, Martina, Sue, Sheila, Annette, Ellen, Suzanne, Jo.