Angel Tree

All Saints Advent Angel Tree

On our Advent Angel Trees there are  tags for children who participate most regularly and conscientiously in the after school study program of the Neighborhood Outreach Connection in the Cordillo apartment neighborhood on Hilton Head Island.  Each child is to receive a $25 gift card for Wal-Mart.  If you want to reward a child who is putting in this extra effort week after week, take one of these tags from the tree, write a check for $25 made out to “All Saints Episcopal Church,” memo line: “Angel Tree,” put both in an envelope, and place them either in the collection basket on Sunday or in Sandy Grant’s mailbox at church, in the small room near the greeter’s desk. 

We will also have tags with labels such as “toy, clothing or game for a girl 2 – 4 years old.”  If you pick one of these tags, please buy the contribution (educational games are especially popular) attach the tag to it firmly, but please do NOT wrap the gift.  These gifts will be the stock for a deeply discounted (75% off) “Christmas gift store” to be opened for one day only at the Bible Missionary Baptist Church in Bluffton.  We ask that no contribution cost more than $40.  The idea is for economically stressed parents (just like well-to-do parents) to be able to go shopping for good presents for their children.  The Bible Missionary Baptist Church donates all proceeds from the sales to charity. 
The Friday before the one-day store opens, we always need help making the sales tags, and the morning of the one-day store, we always need help delivering the contributions.  Sign-up sheets for volunteers are on the kiosk in Gordon Mann Hall.  

Any questions about the Advent Angel Tree?  Just email  And thank you so much for supporting our Angel Tree.
Sandy Grant