Angel Tree

All Saints Advent Angel Tree

On our Angel Trees we will have tags for the fifty children who participate most regularly and conscientiously in the after school study programs of the Neighborhood Outreach Connection on Hilton Head Island.  Each child receives a $25 gift card for Walmart.  If you want to reward a child who is putting in this extra effort, take one of these tags from the tree, write a check for $25 made out to “All Saints Episcopal Church,” memo line: “Angel Tree gift,” put both in an envelope, and place them either in the collection basket on Sunday or in Sandy Grant’s mailbox at church, in the small room near the greeter’s desk.

There will also be many tags with labels such as “book, toy, game or clothing for a girl 2 – 4 years old.”  If you pick one of these tags, please
• buy a book, toy, game, or clothing;
• attach the price tag, your receipt, or some other indication of the price firmly to your contribution; but  
• please do NOT wrap the gift.   
These contributions will be the stock for a deeply discounted (75% off) “One Day Christmas Store” to be opened shortly before Christmas at the Bible Missionary Baptist Church in Bluffton.  We ask that no gift cost  more than $40 so that one child does not receive a bicycle, while her brother receives a soccer ball.  The Bible Missionary Baptist Church will donate all proceeds from the sale to charity. 
Since 2008 All Saints parishioners have generously supported an Angel Tree Ministry.  For the last six years, we have done so in harmony with the principles of Robert Lupton’s book Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (And How to Reverse It).  The author, Dr. Robert Lupton worked and lived in inner city neighborhoods for nearly forty years and raised his children there.  He contends that when well-to-do people continually give away things for free, to able bodied people in non-emergency situations, the recipients’ reactions gradually change from appreciation, to expectation, to a sense of entitlement, and finally to dependence.  This kind of charity he calls “toxic charity.” In particular, at Christmas time male heads of households can feel emasculated as their children learn that “all the really good stuff comes from rich people and it’s free.”  To maintain the dignity of the parents, it’s important that some kind of exchange occur.  Customers at the One-Day Christmas store don’t wait for a handout or buy used toys at a thrift shop; like everyone else they can go shopping for new things for their kids.  At the One-Day store they can buy a beautiful $40 gift for $10, or a lovely $20 for $5 and so forth.

Any questions?  Please ask me, or e-mail them to me at  Thank you!  
Any questions about the Advent Angel Tree?  Just email  And thank you so much for supporting our Angel Tree.

Sandy Grant

Making Price Tags

Loading Up Contriubutions

Setting up OneDay Store

Customers Went Shopping